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 Salem Baptist Church, Larissa, Texas

After moving to Larissa, Texas James Dunlap Smyrl affiliated with the Salem Baptist Church there where he served as church clerk.  Not many of us could live up to the expectations of the Salem Baptist Church family.  One of the provisions of membership was that no white male member could be absent more than two successive Sundays without getting  up in front of the congregation and making acknowledgements.  During this time frame Black brethren attended the church of their masters.  I think this rule speaks to the position of women and blacks. 

The church in Larissa was quick to extend the hand of Christian fellowship but just as quick to withdraw it.

The church was probably located close by the Baptist Cemetery in Larissa.  This cemetery is not accessible by car.  It is located somewhere SW of the corner of where county road 3411 intersects county road 3405.

Rebecca Kirkley Smyrl and three of her children are buried in the Baptist Cemetery at Larissa.

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