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Lizzie Bell Roger's Book

Lizzie Bell Rogers like many women of her time, kept a little book with family information in it.  On the front of the book in pencil is written Lizzie Bell Rogers.  On the back of the cover is Lizzie B. Smyrl's Book.  After her death two notations were added to front of book. 

George Smyrl found dead Saturday afternoon Jan. 23, 1938.

Red married July 30, 1927.

On first page is inscription E. L. Smyrl and L. B. Rogers married A. D. 1894

The second page of the book records the birth of some of her children.  The information in the book was written in pencil and is to dim to photograph.

M. M. Smyrl was born August  the ??? 1896

G. J. Smyrl was born December the 25th A. D. 1897

Ernest Lee Smyrl was born Sept the 1st 1899 departed this life December 1st 1899

Edgar L. Smyrl was born Oct 14th 1900


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