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The following comes from a variety of sources.  I am posting in hopes someone can take the clues and run with them

Information on the James Thomas Smyrl family can be found in the 1880 Census of Daviston, Tallapoosa, County, Alabama.

Smyrl, J. T,  45 SC
Caroline 40 GA
Mamie 12 AL
Anna 8 AL
Fannie 5 AL
Lula 1 AL
Wm. Grandberry , stepson, 20 AL

The 1850 Census of Russell County, Alabama shows two families living in the John Parker Smyrl household.  The second group of children are part of the family of Bill Platz.  Some of his notes appear below.

A descendants of the second family have sent me the following notes on this line.  I can not verify all this information.

Journal and Notebook


Mary Isabelle Harris

 Compiled between January 8, 1930,and 1958 

Transcribed from the original document found among

her papers April 10, 2005

by her Grandson William Edward Platz 


The original was written in pencil in a 3” by 5”Memorandum Book

During the family’s trip from Birmingham, Alabama

To Los Angeles, California in 1930.


It consisted of an account of her trip and notes on her family history as well

As budgets, birthday lists, and addresses.

Entries have been organized into separate sections for clarity

 I.                   Family History

 On the mother’s side: 

The Horne and Smyrl Lines:              The Hornes 

            Mama’s (Elizabeth Smyrl Sullivan, ed.) grandmother was a Miss Thompson born in Virginia about 1819. Her grandfather was Michael Horne, born around 1810 and died during the Civil War at Lake City, Florida. Their children were Harrison, James, Pamelia Nicholas (Aunt Nic), Polly, Elijah, Robert, Martha (my Grandma), Carrie (Aunt Sis), and Michael (Uncle Bud) Horne.  

            Aunt Nic married Jim Cobb near Crawford, Alabama, several years before the Civil War. They had many children. Elijah, Solon, Victoria, Robert, Hati (?), Hood, Kirby, Molly, Florella (Tinsey), George Cobb  – these are living now (1930).            

Mollie (Molly) married to Mr. Geo. Wilmot living in Thomaston, Ga. They have several children: Mollie, Safronia, Myrtle, Jemima and George Wilmot. 

Florella (Tinsey) married Rev. Mr. Hoyle. They live in Thomaston, Ga. Children are Annie May, Jim, Robert and two younger children.  

Hood is living in some soldier camp. He was in the World War. 

            Aunt Polly Horne married Geo Jarrell and moved to Texas. Both died there. 

            Uncle Robert Horne lived and died near Crawford, Alabama. He had many children of which Jim and Lizzie known. 

            Uncle Jimmie Horne was killed in the Civil War. 

            Aunt Sis (Carrie) Horne married Mr. Archdeacon and died in St Louis, Missouri. 

            Uncle Bud (Michael) Horne went out West right after the Civil War. His Address was Parker Station, Arizona. He came back to Ga. &  Fla. after he’d been gone 50 years. He was very wealthy, supposed to have copper mines. He came around the water route and was in Havanna, Cuba when he died. Was on his way to Florida. He was around 75

(circa 1919). Must have been robbed as he had nothing. 

            Martha (Grandma Damour) married Thos. Smyrl when about 14 years old at Crawford Alabama in 1859. Grandpa went to the Civil War. They had three children Elizabeth (my mother), Nancy (Aunt Sis) (not to be confused with Carrie Horne), and Thomas (Uncle Tommie). My mother was born in 1860, Aunt Sis in 1861, and Uncle Tommie in 1862. Mama was born at Crawford, Alabama; Aunt Sis at Lake City, Florida; and Uncle Tommie at Crawford, Alabama.  

            When Grandpa (James Thomas Smyrl a.k.a. Tom Smyrl) came home from the war, Grandma was in West Point, Ga. They didn’t live together any more. Grandpa took Mama and Aunt Sis and left Uncle Tommie with Grandma. He took the two little girls over to his sister (Aunt Rebecca Freeman) near Crawford. 

            Grandma went to Macon (Georgia) with Uncle Tommie. She worked at Mrs. Lynche’s Dress Making Establishment where she met Dr. Damour and married him two or three years later. (Note: 1870 Census shows Dr. James H. Damour living with a M. A. Smyrl, a Charles Damour age 1, an  I. Rutledge a domestic servant and a Paul Rutledge age 10 in Macon)   

            Grandpa Smyrl kept Mama (Elizabeth) and Sissie (Nancy) out in the country near Opelika at a little town called Youngsborough until Mama was about 11 years old (about 1871). While he was gone to Salem one day Grandma Damour and Aunt Sis Horne (Caroline S. Horne) came on the train to Salem and walked three miles and found them. Aunt Sis (Nancy Smyrl) said she saw a lovely lady all dressed up with a little boy dressed in a little straw hat with white long pants with black alpaca coat and nice shoes and stockings (Uncle Tommie). She told Aunt Sis and Mama that she was their mother. They didn’t want to go with her very much but they took them anyway. They walked all the way to Youngsborough about a mile and a half and got on the train. They saw their father at Salem but he didn’t see them. They never saw him any more for over 20 years. Grandma took them to Macon and put them in the convent for 3 years 

            Grandpa Smyrl married Mrs. Carrie Grandberry (Caroline Arminta (Haynes) Grandberry) who had 3 children when he married her – Alice, Docia & Willy. Docia and Willy are still living. Grandpa had five children by her.  

Mamie, who married John Laney. They live at LaGrange, GA. 

Annie who married Ruben Evans. They live in Roanoke, Ala. 

Fannie who married Dan Lanie, They live in Tuscaloosa Ala. 

Lulu died of T.B. 

Johnnie who married Eveline Hand. They live in Wadley, Ala. and  have 3 children – Eleanor, Annie and Clifford. 

            Grandma Damour took Uncle Tommie with her when she married. She had four children by Dr. Damour.  

Charlie Damour  who married Claude Hollis at Macon, Ga. They had one child Martha who married Prof. Holbert and live in Cincinatti, Ohio. They have one child. Charlie and Claude are both dead. (Apparently this is contradictory) 

Julia Damour married Eugene King of Perry GA. They have 3 sons – James, Frank and Charles. James married Katherine Lucky of south Georgia. Frank and Charles are unmarried. Frank is Francis Marion King, a descendant of  “The Swamp Fox” of Revolutionary War fame – Francis Marion. Frank has the old silver plate and the camp chest of Francis Marion. Julia also has the old Slave Ledger of the Kings. 

Mettauer (Metta) Damour married Phil Arrington of Louisville, Ky. They had one child Louise who is married to Edwin (Pat) Dodd. They have two children – Phillip and James. 

Harry Damour was an invalid from birth suffering with epilepsy from a shock in infancy. He was a twin but the other child was still born. He was ruptured and paralyzed from birth Died in Ohio about 30 years of age.

             Uncle Tommie (Thomas J. Smyrl) ran away from home when a young boy and went to Texas to cousin Solon Cobb. He married Leila Cooper near Tyler, Texas. They had 3 children born to them while in Texas – Mary, Annie and Charlie. After coming to Macon, Ga., they had one child born there Martha (Mattie). They then moved to Decatur, Ala. where three other children were born to them – Lizzie, Ruth and Tommy. Uncle Tommie died in Decatur in1903 (March 9th). Aunt Leila died in 1918 of the flu. 

            Mary Smyrl married Hilliary Wells of Decatur. They had  6 children:

                        Horace Wells who married Aliene Fuller of Cullman, Ala.




                        Mary Louise

                        Ruth Elizabeth

Hilliary wells left Mary when the youngest child was unborn. She divorced him and he married another woman and lives there in Dacatur. 

Annie Smyrl married Turner Eaves (sp?) They have 2 children - Francis and Fred             

            Charlie married a girl from Sheffield and died 1 month later. 

            Mattie (Martha) married a Mr. Cox 

            Lizzie married Henry Davidson 

            Ruth married Harry Collier 

            Tommy married (Unknown) 

Aunt Sis (Nancy Smyrl) married Jim Harrison in Macon Ga. on June 1st, 1884. They had one son Clifford who married Sadie Warren of Memphis, Tn. She ran away and left him in Jacksonville Fl. He (Clifford Harrison) got a divorce from her and married Susie Lanier Calhoun who had one child Judson. They all live in Macon Ga. 

Elizabeth Smyrl married Robert E. Sullivan in 1878, May 7th , at Ashville, Alabama. They had 3 children Mary, Annie and Charlie. 

Mary married Ed Black in Birmingham Alabama in 1898. They had 4 children –

Mary Edna, Elizabeth Dorinda, Eleanor Lucy, and Robert Edward. Ed Black died in 1906. Mary married Archie Freeman in 1907. He was killed in Hopewell Virginia in 1918, May 3rd , and brought back to Birmingham and buried. She (Mary) then moved to Dallas Texas for a year returning to Birmingham in 1919.

In 1920 was married to Chas. W. Harris who died in 1927, (July 2nd ). 

Mary Edna Black, who was known as Freeman, as all the children were after their mother’s marriage to Archie Freeman, married Miles Levegood in 1917, (Feb. 18th ). They married in Tuscaloosa, Ala. from her grandmother’s home at Holt Ala. (Mrs. Morgan) (Note: Elizabeth (Smyrl) Sullivan married J. V. Morgan after Robert died May 20, 1900) They had 4 children: Mary Elizabeth, Nancy & Miles (twins), and Catherine. Miles (her husband) died Jan 3, 1929. One year later they all moved to Los Angeles, California, where Mary Edna married John Bowdoin in 1932. 

Eleanor Freeman (Black) married John Waterman in Birmingham Ala. on June 30, 1925. They have 3 children Louise born Oct 24, 1926; John, Jr. (Sonny) born June 15, 1930; and Frank Brown (Zipper) Waterman, born Feb 4, 1933. A fourth child Diane (Waterman) Hogan was born after these entries in 1942. 

            Annie Sullivan married Sam D. Reynolds in 1902, was divorced from him and married Harry M. Owens in 1912. Harry Owens was an investigator for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office during the 1920’s and 1930’s  


            Charlie Sullivan married Minnie Hall of Columbus Ga. in 1914 – one son Robert.

Charlie died in Virginia in 1915.



The Horne and Smyrl Lines:              The Smyrls


Grandpa Smyrl’s father married a Miss Peach from Alabama. They moved to Camden, S.C.  Their children were Rebecca, Nancy, John, Thomas, Will, Mary (who married Jimmie Horne, the brother of Tom’s wife “Grandma Damour”) My great grandmother and father are buried at Jamestown Ga. near Columbus. They died when grandpa was about 12 years old (Circa 1845).

Note: Great grandparents subsequently identified as William and Delilah Smyrl. 

            Grandpa Smyrl’s sister Rebecca Smyrl Freeman had two children Johnie and Georgie Freeman born near Crawford Alabama. Last known address was near Gadsen. 

            Uncle William Smyrl died during the Civil War. 

            Uncle Johnie was wounded in the knee and disappeared after the war. 

            Aunt Mary Smyrl married to James Horne and lived near Cochran Ga. They raised a big family one daughter Mary, sons Elija, Jimmie. Uncle Jimmie Horne was fighting in the Civil War and a minne’ ball cut his head off. A comrade turned to him & said “Stop, Horne, and pick up your head.” Note recently discovered this occurred on July 2, 1863, at Cemetary Ridge, Gettysberg PA. from 3rd Georgia Infantry Regt records. 

            Aunt Nancy Smyrl was an old maid and didn’t marry till late in life – don’t know who she married.


New info from Bill: By the way, I have established that James B. Horn(e) was killed on July 2, 1863 at Cemetery Ridge Gettysberg, PA. Here appears on the list of veterans of the 3rd Georgia Inf.Regt website.

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