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J. D. Smyrl Bible - Location Unknown, Partial Reconstruction


The James Dunlap Smyrl family Bible was in the possession of Laurine McCain Forbes of Palestine, Texas at the time she died.  I do not know what happened to the Bible after her death.  Hopefully some of Tate McCain's descendants have the Bible.  Some of the information found in the Bible is covered in the information pictured above.  A transcription of the information from this Bible is online at
A transcription of the information pictured follows:

Laura Thomie Smyrl was born Nov. 29, 1866 in Lee County, Ala near Salem 71 years

Ida Smyrl was born March 1871, Larissa Tex

Papa 1873 66 years

Millard Claude Smyrl was born January 6, 1878 at Larissa Tex, 59 years

Herbert Bone Smyrl was born Sept 29, 1883 at Larissa Tex 54 years

Dear Pearl, I got this dope yesterday from Mama, Ira



A page of notes probably made by Mattie Minerva (Nevie) Smyrl Mullins.  Since information on birth of children of J. D. Smyrl agree with information furnished by Ira only a detail is shown to left.  A full view of page is found by clicking on detail

Transcription: J. D. died 3 o'clock Sat morn Oct 8th 67 years 9 months 12 days. F services at City Cemetery at 11 o'clock a.m. October 9 conducted by Jackson Lodge no 108 A 79 AM.  Died Oct 8, 1904.

Additional facts:

Laura Tommie Smyrl married James Robert McCain.  Issue:

  • Ivelle M McCain Mrs. Ruel F. Woodward (April 11, 1893 -
  • Laurine McCain, Mrs. Orrin W. Forbes
  • Emmett S. McCain
Ida married Burette Brittain.

Ernest Linwood Smyrl married 1st Lizzie Rogers, 2nd Ruby Pearl Roark

Millard Claude Smyrl (6 Jan 1878 - 11 May 1953) married 1st, Lucia V. McKensie, 2nd Ruby Viola Douthit

Herbert Bone Smyrl (29 Sept 1883 - March 1956) married Frances Kite.

  • Frances Kite Smyrl


Ira M.Smyrl (27 Aug 1894 - Oct 2, 1970) son of John Robert Smyrl and Emma Carloline Price

Two additional notes from Nevie:  Grandpa Rogers died 1926, Grandma Rogers died 1928

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