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The first  Smyrl of  our line in America about which I know was Thomas Smyrl, Sr.  He appears in the 1790 Census of Kershaw District, South Carolina.  As to whether he arrived before or after the American Revolution I can not say.  We do know that Robert Dunlap, uncle of his son Thomas Smyrl, Jr. arrived America about 1772 with Rev. William Martin and his five ship loads of emigrants.

The wills of both Thomas Smyrl, Sr.  and his wife Elizabeth show Elizabeth had been married to a Mr. Burge before she married Thomas. 

Thomas had two known children which he mentioned in his will: Thomas Smyrl, Jr. and  a daughter who married James Dunlap.  It appears the Mother of these children was the sister of Robert Dunlap.

Elizabeth Burge Smyrl had Littleberry Burge, John N. Burge, William Burge and a daughter Mary who married John Parker.  Some claim Mary was the daughter of Thomas.  The following information puts that idea to rest. 

The following is information sent to me by a fellow researcher. 

I am requesting information on Elizabeth that married Thomas Smyrl, Sr. In a posting, someone states that Elizabeth had been previously married to a Burge before she married Thomas Smyrl.

Because of the names mentioned, I think this was Elizabeth Buckner Sorsby, daughter of Samuel Sorsby. On Nov. 24, 1781, Nash Co., NC, Elizabeth married Jeremiah Burge, who was born around 1755, probably the son of Richard Burge, Jr., and Frances (Raines). On Jan. 5, 1788, Samuel Sorsby deeded a slave to his daughter -- (Slave Conveyance, Nash Co., NC, DB 1, Page 379): Samuel Sorsby to daughter Elizabeth Buckner Burge, both of Nash Co., NC, one negro Girl....."

Jeremiah died around 1801, Fairfield District, SC. On Nov. 28, 1804, Fairfield District, SC, Joseph Mickle was voluntarily chosen as guardian of the four children of the deceased Jeremiah: "Whereas Littleberry Birge, John Birge, William Birge and Mary Birge, Orphans within the age of twenty-one years, has Appeared in Court and Voluntarily chosen Joseph Mickle, as and for their guardian....." These four children are the ones mentioned in the "Smryl.US - Memories of All Things Smyrl." It states that in "the wills of both Thomas Smyrl, Sr., and his wife Elizabeth, it shows that Elizabeth had been married to a Mr. Burge before she married Thomas."

On the 1800 Census of Kershaw County, SC we find Robert Dunlap, James  Dunlap, Thomas Smyrl, Sr., Thomas Smyrl, Jr. and John Robinson who married one of the daughters of Thomas Smyrl, Jr.

It appears Thomas Smyrl, Jr. had a large family.  Among the children were: John Parker Smyrl, Thomas Smyrl III,  Robert Smyrl, Hugh T. Smyrl, William Smyrl, a daughter who married a Mr. Horn and a daughter who married John Robinson.

John Parker Smyrl married Rebecca Kirkly in Kershaw Count, South Carolina   Between 1830 and 1840 they left South  Carolina. At the time of the 1840 Census they were living in Muscogee, County. Georgia.

Also leaving South Carolina were John Robinson and Robert Smyrl. I believe they left after John Parker Smyrl left for Robert Smyrl married Nancy Love in South Carolina in 1840.  John Robinson and Robert Smyrl also went to Georgia but both Returned to South Carolina probably due to the death of Thomas Smyrl, Jr.    This death occurred on or before 1855.  John Robinson helped build the Robert Smyrl homeplace there in South Carolina mid 1850.   At some subsequent time he left South Carolina and ultimately arrived Texas where John Robinson, his descendant, currently lives.

By 1850 the John Parker Smyrl family had moved into Russell County, Alabama where they established their home. 

To be continued.

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