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Cherokee County, Texas


Cemetery on Robert R. Smyrl place

The first of John Parker Smyrl's children to come to Cherokee County Texas was Dr, Robert R. Smyrl.  His farm was located in the present day community of  Pierce's Chapel.  On the farm are located three graves marked with homemade bricks.  The current owner drew a map showing the general area in which the graves lie.


Old Baptist Cemetery


Laura Bell (Lizzy) Rogers was the daughter of George W. Rogers (25 Mar. 1850  6 April 1926) and Miss Marrtha Ann Piersen or Pierce.  George W. Rodgers obit is found in Saga Of Cherokee County by Helen Crawford.  I did not locate obit for Martha A Rogers.  She died in 1928.

Children and or grandchildren of E. L. Smyrl found in the SS death index.
REESE SMYRL 12 Jan 1926 May 1975

Children and or grandchildren of E. L. Smyrl found in the TX death index.  Only George James is not found.
Smyrl  Edgar  Lloyd    08-14-1968  JEFFERSON  SEPAR/DIVORCED 
Smyrl  Hentz      04-01-1972  HARRIS  SINGLE 
Smyrl  Herbert  Bell    05-21-1998  MIDLAND 
Smyrl  Reese    05-05-1975  HARRIS 
Smyrl  Richard  Alvin    10-12-1997  BEXAR 
Mullins  Nevie      11-28-1974  JEFFERSON  WIDOWED 

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