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No family history is ever completed.  This web was started as a way for family members to share information.  In the fall on this year I was sent the pages from the E. L. Smyrl family Bible and some Smyrl photos I had never seen.  I will love and cherish them.

William R. Smyrl of Houston lovingly prepared a Smyrl family history.  A copy of the work can be obtained from him. Please contact me at link provided below for his e-mail address.  I refuse to give spammers anyone's e-mail address. 

I encourage any kinsmen and Smyrl researchers to contact me so I can pick your brain regarding the family.


The origin of the name of Smyrl is in question but one possibility is that it is an old Irish or Norse word for hawk or falcon.  There are three references in regard to this:

1.  Old Norse Forms of Early Irish Names: Lind doesn't have Smyrill; It's actually a word meaning 'merlin (hawk)', but de Vries says that it appears as a personal name.

2.  Viking Raiders from the North - Time-Life Books:  Bishop Jon Smyrill served as Bishop to St. Nicholas Cathedral, Gardar, Greenland, from 1188 - 1209.  Excavation of the north chapel unearthed his skelleton, an episcopal ring and ancient crosier.  One source referr to the Bishop as sparrowhalk.

3.  My cousin, while working in the North Sea, was told about an island called Smyrl and was told that Smyrl was an old Norse word for falcon.

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